3 Types of Dance You Can Do At Home

The art of dance is a beautiful and lifelong profession, but one that anyone can learn with enough time and dedication. You no longer need a professional studio to learn the trade, or work at a gym to earn money as an instructor. Many dance styles are easy to learn at home with enough space, a mirror, and some elbow grease. The best way to start is by searching the web. Nowadays, you can find anything online. You can even gamble in certain states from your computer! While you won’t learn about betting on dance, find out more about betting in America at betphilly.com

Here are some of the best styles we recommend for teachers and students to learn from home.

What to learn

The world is blessed with many forms of dance from every corner and culture of the world. Though there is a lot to choose from and make your own, it's best to learn the basics from well-known core styles before branching out.

Ballet is as old as the Italian Renaissance and is a classic staple in many modern dances. It focuses heavily on leg movement and the art of precision and poise. Its long history and classical focus may seem daunting, but the basics can be easily grasped and used in other dance types. Ballet is often seen as an introduction to the world of dance and is the recommended starting point for beginners.

With deep and rich roots originating in Africa, the Jazz style has become another vital pillar in the foundation of dance. Jazz dance is more experimental and fluid in nature, encouraging the dancer to move with their whole body and is exceptionally rhythmic. It covers many popular offshoots, like Tap or the classic Swing. This full-body workout is excellent for getting in shape and embracing expression and creativity in every move.

Made in the USA, Hip Hop is a vibrant street dance style used commonly today. Hip Hop has become a major cultural touchstone of dance, seen in major music videos, Broadway, and even popular Tik-Tok trends. Choreography is easy to find, especially at home. Hip Hop is easily broken down into beats and is perfect to learn for those wanting to rock out to trending music.

Practice makes perfect

No matter which style you choose, practice is vital. Dance is a high energy sport and requires some sweat to get going. But don't give up! A clear and dedicated practice space made at home and used regularly is the first step to mastering the art. Remember to drink plenty of water, wear comfortable clothes before you start grooving, and never forget to stretch. Above all, remember to have fun. Dance is an art of passion and joy, so remember to enjoy yourself with every step.